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Social networking Web 1.0 style!

Bits+Pixels is a monthly meetup of web designers + developers in Newcastle Australia. Join us on the third Saturday of each month for a chat about new tech, beer, home renovations we'll never get around to finishing and other stuff.



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3pm, Saturday March 16th @ The Grand Hotel

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Previously, on Bits+Pixels

This month Matt Stow is demonstrating the new Izilla Open Device Lab at a pre Bits+Pixels session starting at 2pm. Bits+Pixels will continue on afterwards at The Grand Hotel.

  • Chris Darroch

    Chris Darroch

    Crafter of useful interfaces, designer of awesome user experiences, player of a Martin & Co. 000M guitar.


  • zaczavos

    Zac Zavos

    Prior to forming Conversant in 2007, Zac spent nine years consulting with IBM, Deloitte, Fidelity Investments UK, and ThoughtWorks.

    From: Conversant Media

  • Leevi

    Leevi Graham

    Likes:HTML5, Well built chicken coops, ExpressionEngine, Reddit & Pretty much anything with an Apple Logo.

    From: Newism

  • Andy Howard

    Andy Howard

    I'm into unleashing usefulness and going surfing. Head of Digital at The Village of Useful and creator of The Newcastle iPhone App

    From: The Village of Useful

  • Wayde

    Wayde Christie

    Likes: Knick Knacks, Metal

    From: Newism

  • James Nowland

    James Nowland

    I'm a freelance web designer in Newcastle in Australia.


  • Hendo

    Iain Henderson

    Likes: Boston Mills Pale Ale, jQuery, 3D animation, caffeine, PHP, The Mountain Goats, his macbook, Google Chrome

    From: Newism

  • Saxman

    Iain Saxon

    Likes: PHP, EE CMS, MySQL, Rekorderlig Cider, electronic / trance music, Xbox 360, MacBook Pro's, Paradigm Loudspeakers & caffeine.

    From: Newism

Come along and you could meet some of the fine people from:

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